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Can you downgrade to an MPhil on a funded PhD?

I wondered if anyone knew if you can choose to downgrade to an MPhil on an AHRC funded PhD? I am increasingly feeling that PhD life is not for me and this seemed like a good option (I’m halfway through my second year so I’ve still done a lot of work). However, I wondered if because it’s a funded PhD it might be an ‘all or nothing’ situation- or perhaps that choosing to downgrade could mean I can no longer be funded for the duration of completing the MPhil.

On a more general level, is there is usually a timeframe if you choose to downgrade? I think that an MPhil is usually 2 years so would that mean I have to complete the MPhil within 2 years of when I began my PhD?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any ideas about this. I know I need to ask my university and the AHRC (couldn’t find anything in the training grant contract or online) but wanted to see if anyone else had any experience before I float this as something I’m considering to anyone on an official level.