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I can't seem to finish the MA!

Hi, I'm new to this, but just wondered if anyone has any advice for finishing an MA?

I just have the dissertation left, but I'm finding it so hard to do. I feel like I've completely run out of steam and all I can think about is it being over and done with so I can be free! It is a 15000 word English lit one, and the topic has been my specialism for 3 years. However, I just feel like I can't bring myself to write anything, and that I have nothing to say about the poems! Every day I feel anxious and guilty for not being able to write anything.

Has anyone else been in this situation, and if so, how did you overcome it? Today I've been debating stopping the course and taking a PGDip, but that seems ridiculous seeing as I've done all the other work. I just don't see how I can get it done by middle of August!

Thanks for reading.