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Help please

Hi all,

Im a 2nd year student and have been facing serious issues since day 1. Firstly I started with a background in a different field (albeit related but not enough for phd level) even though my Bsc was related that was long ago. Thus, I found myself having to read ALOT of literature in the first year and begging my second as though it was my first.

On top of that my supervisors are renowned to be strict but also to adopt a "hands off" approach, meaning I write, they read once a month - full stop. minimal (sometimes no) written feedback, no questions or emails in between, and of course no drafts just final copies.

As expected I was forced to seek help from other friendly academics along the way, and was jealous of other students who saw their supervisors either weekly or even daily(!) and got extensive written feedback.

Now I find myself facing the upgrade workshop and after 1.5 years of constantly being told I have no reseqrch question (but having also won a poster prize at a conference and presented to various crowds...), I am at a stalemate..

Now, I need to find a way to write a proposal which will please them 100% in month or I'm in trouble (according to them cause it might be overreacting....).

I would like to ask, what should I do? I cant complain or they will find out, I cant ask for another supervisor in this uni cause they will again cause trouble, and i cant leave because who would take you if you have such reference?

Please note I work every day sundays included 9-5.....something even they recognised....and that's alot.

an expose..on atrocities of phd programs

yes but self-preservation also means hypocrisy, excessive diplomacy and lies. A career is not always worth losing character.

Phd has many injustices....I would simply add lack of harmonization of supervision quality....there are formal rules, then the rest depends on the supercisor's character, and unfortunately some can go from great guys to beyond ridiculous....

ever heard of needing 2 weeks to read 7000 words..? :-(