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Failed MSc Statistics & Stochastic Modelling

Thank you all for these replies.....all have been helpful!!!
Keep 'em coming as it's good to see if others have encountered similar situations, done anything about it, done some self searching and for myself and my partner to get a bigger overall picture of the issues.

Thanks again Everyone so far!!


Failed MSc Statistics & Stochastic Modelling

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Failed MSc Statistics & Stochastic Modelling

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Can anyone advise me?
My partner failed his MSc in Statistics & Stochastic Modelling this year. It seems to have been the most horrendous journey for him. At first, I thought it was

2 out of 4 lecturers have been fine. Clear concise lectures and prompt replies. My partner passed the assignments with good marks. Exams also went ok.
The other 2 lecturers have given handouts at lectures, brought in other un-experienced lecturers who also gave out handouts from the same lecturers which contained typo's. My Partner spent many hours trying to figure out formula's and calculations and thinking this was his error, only to find out that the error was in the actual handout from the lecturer!
He would email these lecturers who a) would never respond and b)one of these lecturers told him that he didnt give out solutions (after having emailed the group to say he would).

Some of the students worked together to do their assignments, which is not allowed as each students work has to be their own. My partner didnt do this but as a result of not doing so, he was not given any support by these lecturers and as a result, achieved low marks in the assignments and could not be prepared substantially for the relevant exams.
SO: 2 main issues:-
- Typo's in lecture handouts (which should have been thoroughly checked before handing them out) = Neglect
- Complete lack of communication back to the student when the student is emailing and asking for help = Neglect

He has other issues with his project supervisor and some more issues related to the manner of the 2 above lecturers.

Having been through hell to get to the exams and failing half of these and the project by just 2% and knowing he is completely and utterly capable of understanding all of the subject matter, he feels very resentful and completely disheartened.

We went to see the Course Director, sat down and waited to hear him talk about the Project.
He looked nervously at me and asked "Are you a Lawyer"? I responded "not".
Later when talking about the Statistics part, on seeing me scribbling his words, he asked me "Your not a Statistician are you?" I answered that I wasnt and continued scribbling. Again he was unsure and seemed nervous.

The Uni are very happy to take another years money for him to retake the other half of the exams and to re do the project but completely ignoring any emails he sends asking them for further comments on his work.

This is his second attempt at the exams. The first time (last year) he was not prepared enough and pulled out. This year he attended every lecture and completely went for it.
What stopped him from understanding was the fact that he kept getting stuck at home (most often over typos made by the lecturers themselves!) and also that he got no response from said Lecturers when he did ask fo