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Thread: Graphpad prism help!

09-Oct-17, 14:30
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posted about 3 years ago
Hi! I'm trying to make a graph on graphpad but I just can't figure out how to do it! So for my work I've been looking at a cell line, split in to four different groups each of which were treated with a different concentration of a certain chemical. The four groups were then analysed at 4 different passages - I looked at 300 cells from each group at each of the 4 passages and counted the number of chromosomes in each (to see if the higher concentration chemical caused more abnormalities in normal chromosome number). The normal number of chromosomes is 46, so at each passage I've looked at how many cells had more than 46 chromosomes and how many had less. So what I want to do now is create a graph for each concentration showing the total percentage of cells from the 4 passages that had less than 46 and more then 46 chromosomes - so there would be 4 columns on the graph (one for each concentration) and each column would be split in to two to show the two different percentages (less than/more than 46). I also want error bars to be shown. I managed to make a stacked graph directly from the means (rather than inputting all the data so it could calculate means itself as I couldn't figure that out!). But my graph won't show the group concentrations on the X axis to show what each bar is for some reason, and I can't do error bars.
I really hope someone understands what I am trying to ask and can talk me through how to make this graph!
Many thanks :) :)
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