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Post-PhD job search woes

Hi everybody,

I have completed a PhD in neurophysiology last December, which was lengthy and difficult journey. Unfortunately, I do not have published work (this is mostly my supervisor’s fault, he has not published in at least a decade, so there is no established basis for my work, and I have asked often to help him with his writing), but I was hopeful that I could get a job somewhere doing something in biology. I am now working part time in a supermarket, as I have since the lockdowns started.

However, I have found my credentials to be very underwhelming, despite the achievement this apparently is. How can I apply to postdoctorate study (anything in cell physiology will do me) without published work, especially coming from a lower ranked UK university? Therefore, I have been searching for industry jobs in science. They usually demand years of specific practical and career experience. Since I have worked with niche methods of chemical assays of synaptosomes (freshly prepared isolated nerve terminals), I do not have much experience in usual techniques of mass spec, ELISA, PCR, cell culture etc., making it difficult to qualify my application from a CV standpoint. This has made jobs difficult to search for. Even writing jobs state that they want certain business qualifications that I have never heard of. I have profiles with several science specific recruitment agencies, and not even one has contacted me about potential jobs.

I wish that I had taken a year in industry, but it is too late, I cannot do an internship as an alumnus. I do have a university careers advisor, but the general advice can only do so much. Does anybody have any interesting advice or insights they can give me about help with substantial training, networking opportunities and which jobs to apply for? I am really stuck here about what to focus on. Surely, somebody wants a PhD graduate?