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Thread: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing Hoax

20-Oct-18, 09:14
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posted about 9 months ago
I feel obligated to comment here. Based on my experience, I do not agree that LAP is a hoax or a scam. I already published one book with LAP. My book can be viewed in various online book sellers including google books, amazon france, amazon japan, etc. To test, I purchased my book via amazon.com as ordinary customer. I received the book and it appeared good. Before publication, I was asked to buy my book with them in order to reduce the market price. I opted not to release a centavo thinking that the blogs are correct about LAP being a scam. LAP did not force me to buy my book with them and good they publish it even if I did not buy a single book prior to publication.
As to the contract. It says, copyright is retained by the author. The author can republish in part or in whole the contents of the book. However, the Author is deemed responsible for the contents of the book. This is fair enough because the publisher offers free publication. So, being responsible, I have to edit and format it well, i have to ask some peers to review my work before submitting for publication. Flaws are expected in any first edition, however minimal, this is one provision for next edition.
I am working with my next book with LAP. We are still in the editing and formatting stage. Again, reading the contract that I am responsible of the contents, I have to be careful. This second book of mine is rooted from my dissertation. This has been edited and reviewed by dissertation experts in our graduate school.
In conclusion: LAP offers only free services of publishing and distribution. Major editing and responsibility of the contents are given to the Author. Thism I believe is the reason why LAP does not ask payment. Fair enough.
As to royalty. Well, my first book is not a best seller. First year I did not receive any. The second, only voucher worth 24 euro because according to accounting only 7 people bought my book.
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