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Feeling incompetent to analyze qualitative data

Hi everyone

I'm in my third year of PhD study but been lurking around this forum ever since I started.

So I'm doing a PhD in linguistics and there's a linguistic (quantitative) component and a qualitative component.

I've done the linguistic analysis right after I collected the data because the linguistic variables I'm investigating are right in front of me, so they were relatively 'easy' to extract and code. However, I'm feeling incompetent to start analyzing the qualitative data (written narratives and interviews). I've already prepared the QD; transcribed the interviews and entered the narratives in a data managing software, and so my QD is ready for analysis. But because I've been reading about QD analysis and how it requires 'deep' analysis, I'm inhibited to start the analysis and I can't help but think that I might either 'over analyze' or look into the data only on a surface level, and end up (in either case) with rubbish analysis and results. I don't have any difficulty with where to start the analysis, but at this point, I guess I'm doubting my ability to analyze QD the way it's 'supposed' to be analyzed.

Has anyone ever experienced this towards QDA? Any tips or suggestions would be great!

Thanks so much