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Finishing PhD Early?

Dear all, I am in desperate need of advice on my rights here.

I am currently 3 years into a 3.5 year funded chemistry PhD (most PhDs in the department are funded for 3 years). I have two papers, with a third in the pipeline, and have been told by my supervisor I have more than enough results for my PhD. I am writing my thesis in my own time (I am not allowed to do this in work time), and will be ready to submit in a few months' time.

The problem - I am suffering from severe depression (as well as various other things) and feel I cannot continue with my studies anymore. I no longer enjoy them and it is making me more miserable than I already am. I am applying for other jobs outside of academia.

My supervisor is aware of my issues; but is not supportive in any way. He doesn't understand why I am even considering writing my thesis when I have 6 months left on my PhD. I am so desperate to leave I can't tell you just how much. I have lots of interviews lined up and as soon as I get an offer for a job I want I really want to snap it up.

So what are my rights? Can I terminate my studies (and funding) before my 3.5 years of funding is up, and still be able to submit my thesis and get a PhD? I have a meeting with the postgraduate adviser this week to discuss this but I want to hear all your opinions as I am very worried about this.

Thank you