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PhD with a 2:2 (help!)

Hi, I’m looking for some advice that anyone may have with the troubles I am having with regards to enrolling onto a PhD and securing funding. I completed my BSc in psychology in 2015 only achieving a 2:2 and my MSc in 2016 achieving a Merit in psychological research methods. I know I could have done way better if I had just put some real effort in however my laziness and living the party life are starting to come back to haunt me. I’m in the process of trying to apply for a PhD of my own design which I believe has great potential in the field of evolutionary psychology and perception, however, I’m starting to see big barriers, especially with obtaining university funding/scholarships because of my 2:2 at bachelors level. My question is how much will this 2:2 hold me back in terms of getting a PhD and securing funding, either internally from a university or externally from charities and trusts? Is there anyone else in my situation or has been?

Thanks for reading.