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National or european grants for PhD students

Hi everyone,

I'd be very interested to know if there exists national grants which allow PhD students to apply with their own thesis subject, and offer them a decent salary (min. 1800€ net per month), please ?
Such as FNRS in Belgium or FNS in Switzerland, but in other european countries.

And/or if similar european grants exist ?

Thank you very much for your help !

French student looking for General information about PhD in the US

Thanks a lot !
I really appreciate your having taken time to help me with my questions :)

French student looking for General information about PhD in the US

Hi !

Thank you very much for your answer :)
I've been busy these last days, so I've not been able to conduct a lot of research about PhD in UK.

From what I've understood though, most PhD listings are paid minimum wage (around 15K~ / 17K per year).
So I guess that I should not expect to earn more than 17 K per year if I were selected for a funded project, right ?

Would you have an idea of a range of salary, for the other option of funding you told me about, that is via a research council please ?
Would you recommend me a website where I could see PhD openings, please ?

EURAXESS seems to have a lot of offers, but it's always useful to have more than one string in your bow !

Thanks !

French student looking for General information about PhD in the US

Hello rewt,

Thanks very much for your message ! :)
Since I've posted this message, I've found more information about how the US system works for PhD, and you're right, there seems to be equivalence.

So I might be able to get out of a couple of generic classes and get my PhD a little faster.

But I think that I might be more interested in studying a PhD which has less mandatory courses, or give you more "room for manoeuvre" when it comes to choosing the type of courses you follow, examinations etc. And unfortunately, from what I've understood, there does not seem to be too much flexibility for the PhD in the US (at least, for the first years).

I've considered the UK too, which is my second choice.
If you have information, I'd be really interested to know more about how it works, there.
I'd have a lot of questions, but my 2 biggest concerns are about funding : how hard is it to get a funding when you study a PhD in the UK, please ?
and how/when do you choose your thesis subject ? Is it like in France or Belgium : can you choose it before applying, do you know the subject in advance ?
I guess that there might not be as much courses to follow as in the US ? (I've nothing about following courses, but it's just that I prefer researching and would prefer avoiding time spent in class/lectures)

Thank you very much.

French student looking for General information about PhD in the US

Hi :-) !

If everything goes well, next year I’ll have my Master’s Degree in Particle Physics. So I’ve started looking for information about PhD in particle physics, in the US . Why in the US ? Because there are almost no PhD in this field of study in France; in the contrary there seems to be more opportunities in the US.

I’ve noticed that there are big differences between PhDs in the US and in France.
When you want to study a PhD in France, you have to apply (quite similarly as a job application). You check official databases which list all PhD openings. Every PhD opening specifies a subject, which will be the subject you'll work on, during your whole PhD if you're selected. 

In other words, you know in advance on which subjet you will work before applying, and your PhD consists in researching, and preparing your dissertation on this subject. You do not have to follow courses.

But in the US, it seems different, as it usually takes several years before you can work on your dissertation. So the first years of a PhD in the US look more like a french Master’s Degree, and I would really prefer not studying another Master’s Degree, again, before working on my dissertation  ;)

After having spent a lot of time researching, it seems to be that the only way to apply for a PhD in the US, is through university websites, isn't it ?
But then, from what I've understood, it's not possible to choose your PhD subject, in advance.

So my question is : I know that it may seem to get off the beaten track, but do you think that it could work if I send my student files (including my academic results, resume, etc.) to a researcher, a professor.. So that I could choose with him/her my PhD subject before applying ?
And then, if I'm selected, directly start to work on my dissertation without having to follow courses ? (as if I had already passed my oral candidacy or similar exam that PhD students have to take in the US, in order to work on their dissertation).

Thanks very much for your attention.