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Thread: Issues with dissertation supervision.

25-Sep-17, 21:00
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by cnn27
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posted about 3 years ago
Hi all, I completed a MA dissertation over the previous academic year. I had discussed the structure of my research project with my supervisor and had submitted drafts of my literature review and research design chapter which I received positive feedback for. This supervisor then suddenly quit the university in March

My new supervisor asked to email on all work we had done before. I did so. He told me my method of evaluating the project wasn't valid, and said I would need to adapt how I evaluated it. This was despite the original method being suggested by the first supervisor. He did however say the two chapters I had written 'read well'

-I emailed him my final chapter 9 days before the submission deadline (he had said as long as he received it a week before it would be okay). He emailed back straight away saying he would give feedback the next day. I received no feedback the next day, and my follow-up contact was unanswered. I therefore had to submit my theses without getting feedback on the final chapter. All other students on my course were given feedback.

I got my result last week and it was a pass mark. While I fully accept that the work I submitted may have only been of pass standard, I'm a little annoyed that I didn't get feedback on my final chapter like all other students did, despite my having sent it to him within an agreed deadline. I'm also annoyed that both the original supervisor and my new one told me the first two chapters 'read well' and gave no further feedback, if they were only pass standard, surely they could have suggested improvements. I also did not get the full five hours supervisor-contact time that we were told we would get.

I'm wondering is there any point complaining to the university about the lack of feedback? Part of me thinks I should complain but another part of me thinks what's the point, they can't change the result now.
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