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Last chance to complete my Master's dissertation (Political science)


I, as of today, have less than 3 months in order to submit my Master's dissertation. I have an outline, most of the relevant literature but 0 words on paper. The minimum number off words required is 12,500 words and it is due July 30th. I have no excuses to explain the situation I'm in, I was unhappy with the degree but I had completed all the courses and decided to just go through with it mainly because I had received a scholarship. Unfortunately, I was and still am suffering from anxiety induced procrastination which has led me to this moment. I will be taking off a full month off of work starting next week ( May 14th) to work on it. I would have to return back to work on June 18th but I might manage to get an additional 2 weeks off of work. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed and would like to hear any advice or experience from people who've had dealt with a similar tight deadline. Thank you