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PhD and Dyslexia

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I have a successful career as an academic. Both as an employ and as a student I have chosen not declared/disclose me as dyslexic. I do not like the 'disability' label attached to it, I do not agree with it. Besides, I did not grow up in the UK, I was diagnosed as a child by a qualified child psychologist in my country. In the UK when I was a student getting the test done was very expensive.
My colleagues and supervisor know that I'm dyslexic. Most of my colleagues are supportive, but there are times that some may say a comment that will hurt my feelings.

Over the years, I have met with plenty of discouraging comments about my written work. But I will survive, over the years I have learned to use ways to coupe: colour coding, ideas mapping, wall mounting - you name it I do it! Although I always complain about voice recognition software: worthless. Having software reading your emails is ok.

Anyways my policy: is don't let anyone discourage you. Do your thing.

As for the fellow contributor, It seams to me that you have grounds for a discrimination act. My advise is put all this on paper and send it as a complaint to the student services and your Dean of school. You should not let this pass.
letter to the Dean immediately no matter how good or bad your grammar is !!!

PhD and Dyslexia

Dear all,

I am so happy to find his forum topic. I'm on the last leg of my PhD and am totally shattered. I have accepted in my life that some things take me longer to do than other people - that's fine.

I do not believe that dyslexia is a disability, Dyslexia is a different way the mind operates. Unfortunately the education system, including the system of grammar and syntax, are not designed to cater for the dyslexic mind. I do sincerely hope that in the future the world will recognize that the cognitive mind works in difference ways. It should be accepted that dyslexia is not a disability, the way dyslexics learn should be studied, so new ways of leaning should be invented for dyslexics and non dyslexics.

Anyway back to my sorrow. Writing my PhD is tearing me apart, all this self doubting - yes all these comments about grammar- drive me mad.

I know i can think well, very well in fact - but my writing lets me down, I need so much more time to bring a text to an acceptable standard.

In many ways Dyslexia is a gift - my favorite writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez is dyslexic, so it's not that we can't be writers - we just have to work more on the writing bit - but perhaps we work less on the thinking bit - cause our mind and thought spins faster than non dyslexics :)

Today has been the most difficult of all days. I'm so near finishing and so far in self confidence. I have met dyslexics with a PhD and this is what keeps me going. No one can understand our struggle and thank you for this forum. I will be a frequent visitor.

Take courage everyone ! be strong and feel lucky that we have a brain that can mirror an object in many different angles, just one would be boring :)

what a trip