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Advice on weather to continue

Thanks for advice.
@sciencephd I would be coming back home (UK) after phd and will try to find a fellowship or post-doc in UK atleast thats the prefered and planned sictuation. Securing funding in china is very easy so hopefully I can get funding from China after PhD and work in UK.

@tudor_Queen. @pm133 It actually dont bug me but when people as me the Qs as to why you came from UK to developing China, thats when I question my decision but honestly being in Shanghai for 5 months has made me realise how much mroe developed it is than london and how wrong our perception about China is back home.
Yesterday I cleared my mind of all the doubts and decided to stay here and just focus on work and enjoy time here and finish what I ahve started.

@tudoe-Queen. Generally when some foreigner applies for post-doc they struggle because of visa complications I think. Labs dont want to take on the sponsership responsibilities. I am not sure how this will play out for me when I look for post-doc. But for what I have seen for a small time I worked in London uni, they have huge demand for chinese sponsers and prof because they have tons of colaborations with chinese institutions.

Advice on weather to continue


Hi guys.
I am from UK. I finished my master’s in 2018. And worked in lab for a year but couldn't find a good PhD in UK during the time. I found a PhD opportunity in China at shanghai jiao tong uni. I have been here for 3 months now. Settled well here. I faced difficulty with working hours and questioning my abilities but supervisor and others have given me confident and I feel fine in lab. Projects is fine too.

But everyday I feel if it was right decision from me to come to China. Everyone asks me here why I came to china when I could just stay in UK and that UK is better than China and all.
Reason I put forward is that UK is low on funding and China gives me more opportunities in funding my future research including post-doc. I should mention I am molecular geneticist working on CRISPR-Cas and China has alot of work on it.

I want others opinion on what they think of it. I am still young in this PhD and can still leave it and find some in UK. Is it a stupid decision to come to China for PhD from UK?

Mistakes early on and new place and culture

@pm133 - Ya thing is everyone else in my lab here in China works 13hrs a day regularly. Which kind a makes me feel like I am not working enough even if I work 11hrs everyday.
But ya you are right I cant let it get to me. I am trying to keep a maximum 9-10hrs and have some time to myself after work.
It would help me ease of all the stress and empty my mind. Thanks for the support all.

Mistakes early on and new place and culture

@Nead - Thanks your suggestions and advice helps. I have been putting more importance on planning for past few weeks and taking my time before starting and designing experiments. It has helped me limit the silly mistakes.
One thing I do have is good people to guide me which has kept me going. So I am trying to take full advantage of it.


PhD Appeal in a British University

Hey Kareem. A massive congratualtions to you. I am sure you deserved it. You are perfect example of never give up. I hope the court ordered Uni to compensate you for all the loss.

Mistakes early on and new place and culture

I am sure its same with everyone in early stage of PhD but I needed to know other's experience.
I have just started my PhD in China 3 months ago. Moving from UK to china itself has been a big change to adjust with but that is something I am coping will with.
But in my Lab I tend to make silly mistakes at times. e.g, I have never used goldenGate assembly but my collegues told and guided me how to make GG primers but I still ended up making mistake delaying the plasmid by a week. SIlly mistakes like this and others have really made me doubt if I am made for PhD or am I just not smart enough for it.
I tend to spend atleast 10hrs every working day and sometimes 11 or even 13hrs at times in lab most days either experimenting or reading. But still feel its not enough. and even come by on weekends at times.
All this makes me feel like I might be wasting my time here but I love what I do although I make mistakes. I have tried to slow myself down and think before doing stuff it has helped me avoid stuoid mistakes but still the doubt stays.
Help and advice and suggestion would be much appreciated.