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Hey Everyone

does anyone know of some good conferences in cultural studies or performance in 2011?

keywords: drama performance theatre ----- identity indigenous immigration, but other topics might be close as well.

Suggestions are welcome !

Thanks a lot !

new, confused and alone = the PhD experience?

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Hello Everyone

I dont know if you can give me advise, but I thought it would feel nice to write it down.
I have just started my PhD (5 weeks into it), and suddenly I find myself with no motivation, no life, nothing.

Five weeks ago , I packed my suitcases and travelled to the other side of the world , got of the plane and started my new life. Little did I know about what to expect.

I am expected to read and write in the first 4 months, till I hand in my proposal, but it feels like Im just walking in the dark. Im expected to do minimum 10 hours of this per day, and I am working on the side (only part time though).

I do not know anyone (its a new country), and there is noone in my department (to be precise, in the whole uni) - except my supervisor- who is in my field. Even worse, everyone considers me outragously young (I am a good 15-20 years younger than the average phd student in my department) and they treat me like a baby. I have no social support, my family, friends and partner are 20 000 kms away.

I havent given up getting another scholarship (only my tuition fees are paid now), but Im struggling socially, financially and emotionally. At least the academic part has been all right till now, but now my brain seems to refuse any further cooperation.

Im scared. Did I make the right decision? Is it normal to lose motivation just a few weeks into my phd? Did any of you felt like this at the beginning? A few weeks ago I thought Im gonna change the world and here I am all day sitting with my book and trying not to cry.

Ok. It did make me feel better. Hope you can give me some advice. Now back to my books.