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This document / web page lists 35 countries that offer generous full-ride scholarships for postgraduate students.

This webpage / document is the only directory that lists in one place foreign aid scholarships providers, listed by nation.



This document / web page lists 35 countries that offer generous full-ride scholarships for postgraduate students.

This webpage / document is the only directory that lists in one place foreign aid scholarships providers, listed by nation.



Hi Postgradforum Community

This website lists 400 free official IELTS academic resources.

There is also a free IELTS Academic course. You may commence at any time.

I hope this assists those who need to take an IELTS for their postgrad course or for skilled migration.



Hi Postgrad Forum community

This web page lists 400 free OFFICIAL exam practice materials for Postgrad students who need to take an IELTS exam for admission into the PhD etc. These official resources have been produced by official IELTS partners: IDP Australia, the British Council and Cambridge University.


Hi Posgrad Forum community,

This free budget calculator automatically calculates your weekly, monthly and annual budget. It will also automatically convert it into a foreign currency. It is very easy to use. The instructions are attached at the .PDF link below.

You can find further details on the YouTube and at the website links below.




All the best with managing your finances!



Hi community

This YouTube (and pdf) gives advice about how to prepare a budget plan. It is suitable for:

* International students
* Local students
* Migrant workers
* Those working overseas e.g. post-doc

It also offers tips about income planning and saving money.

All the best



This presentation shows you how to write a good motivation letter for college, job and scholarship applications.

The two links below are pdf Acrobat versions to support the presentation.

All the best with your applications.



There is a lot of confusion in the public domain, on chat forums etc, about whether it is true that international students can get free education in Norway, Iceland, Finland and Germany.

This YouTube (with Acrobat link below) is original current research dated 24 October 2016.

Yes, it is possible to receive free education in these countries. The eligibility rules are very generous, but they do vary by country.

Check it out!



Dr Jay Jericho


Hi Spider Man

The answer is that yes.

Which universities and faculties do and don't you can determine via Google searches and/or via contacting each university.

To illustrate this point - here is one of many examples of online degrees in Germany

To answer your question about UK citizens. Germany universities are forbidden by German law from charging tuition fees. They also enroll international students with the best talents.

The answer to your very good question is a little more complex than a yes/no answer. The spirit of Germany offering virtually free degrees to persons of all citizenship is that they aim to attract the best talent hoping that they will choose to migrate to Germany upon graduating and boost the skill set of Germany.

A distance learner in another country is probably less likely to do this as they are less likely to ever visit the country - they may even graduate in absentia.

My logical guess is that offshore applicants might be afforded less priority than German citizens, German residents and those with a connection to Germany (e.g. ancestry) because it goes against the spirit of taxpayer funded places for virtually free universal university education. I also suspect no university would confess to this mindset.

There are scenarios where offshore distance learners might be very welcome:

* Talent that will look good as global alumni with e.g. MSc Berlin Free on their business card;

* Very small university departments who fear being closed down and wish to keep minimum enrollments alive and are struggling to attract applicants;

* Serious very talented research students (especially PHD) whom academic supervisors are very keen to work with.

I am only speculating - best to contact the universities.

A great question - thanks


Free education in Germany: how it works


Dear all

There is much confusion and myth about free education in Germany.

This original research dated October 2016 debunks this myth.

Yes university education in Germany is almost free (around 250 euros per year). If you are good enough to secure a place.

Please message me any time. I am here to help and support the Postgraduateforum.com community in any way I can for free. I have access to 99.99% of all journal articles.



Hi everyone

Any person interested in participating in a free EAP course, please email

[email protected]

This course is aimed at English as a Foreign Language students.

All are welcome, especially persons from developing countries.

If you know any person aged 17 or over enrolled at any institution at any level you are welcome to forward them the details shown at the link below.

Jay and Andrea PhD ABD (Teaching Assistant)

Can I get into an Ivy League PhD program


This simple short presentation may aid you to dress your application up to highlight your achievements beyond grades. Ivy League PhD applications are hyper competitive. In the spirit of what TreeofLife says above, they are achievable. Sometimes having one distinction on your extra curricular area of your CV can distinguish an applicant such as working as a volunteer ambassador for a well known NGO for a year or being an Olympian or working as an intern for an MP. These traits show self-discipline, drive and the ability to stick with a project and receive acclaim. Traits Graduate Coordinators are looking for.
I wish you well. Publications are not always needed as the PhD is seen as the start of an academic career. Jay

Dissertation boot camp experiences

Hi Marian

I appreciate that comment. It never occurred to me that people might think I supported the dissertation bootcamp (DBC) experience. That research paper project is now over. My paper argued that the DBC was an inferior model, but was the best on offer. My aim was to shine a light on the neglect of PhD students with thesis writing.

I have moved onto research into scholarships and free education for my next paper


Unable to decide on Thesis topic

Hi Zerocool

This is a topic I am passionate about. It is my personal opinion that most people who do not choose a topic they are passionate about are less likely to finsih or score a high mark.

These are not the only factors to consider in choosing a question. For example, see

PhD Application and Research Proposal

Hi rising spring onion

I really enjoyed reading your mini story. You have had a variety of experiences to reflect on. How inspiring. This chat might work best if we PVT part of the discussion, as I am very keen to see your CV, which I assume if not for broadcast on the forum (?). Graduate Coordinators may prefer to see applicants modestly talk themselves UP rather than down. I get a strong vibe that you have some great UP stuff in your CV, if you are willing to share that.

Best - Jay