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Thursday, 17 January 2019 at 4:10pm
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Thread: Please help - applying for PhD in Law

20-Jan-19, 08:23
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posted about 1 month ago
The uni's website says that I should contact when I have a research proposal ready. Do you think I could contact professor with just a general idea and my cv? Not sure how to handle it

Thread: Please help - applying for PhD in Law

17-Jan-19, 16:35
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posted about 1 month ago
Well hello everyone! It's 7 years since I completed my master's degree and now I want to apply for a PhD. I find myself having so many (even childish I must admit) questions and no help. I am really surprised by the way I have to write my research proposal, it almost feels like I need to know beforehand the whole subject. Anyway, here are my questions!

Since the research focus is in the field of law, the whole research will be library based. Thus I really cannot get what I should write in the budget area. Surely there will be in the future some conferences that I might want to take part in but how can I determine the cost?Or is there any other cost that I might need?

Then it's the time planning..what should I write there? I mean when it's all about reading bibliography how can I determine a plan?
if anyone out there has a research proposal sample in law, I would be most grateful. Google seems a bad friend to me these days. Thank you all
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