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How to pass my First Year PhD VIVA??

So, i was accepted in Feb.2020 as an international student in the UK in Pharmacy. My Master degree was in Histology and as a single mother of two little children and a PhD student who had only 3 weeks in lab due to corona virus i basically had to sit at home since March untill October. I struggled in my slow progress so far and difficulty understanding all the aspects of my lab work with little time in lab and my trainee being accepted for a job leaving me without full training. My viva is in 2nd of Dec. And my supervisor told me she is worried i may not pass. How and what should i focus on to ensure i DO pass. I am a hard worker, i am always a good students and feel so stressed and frustrated because i have so much to learn and everytime they ask me so many questions i don't know about and can't answer. This is something i waited four years to get and don't want to fail this and i am not sure if i can understand ALL the things they want me to. Any advise to pass?