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Masters: Full time or Part time with potential placement

Hello all, I am looking to do a Masters in Forensic Psychology and wanted some advice. Some courses that are available offer no placement (however are willing to put you in touch with the right people for VOLUNTEER opportunities) and are full time (1 year). There are others however that only offer paid placements, if you apply part time (2 years), but once you apply for part time, it is not 100% you will get the placement as you have to apply and be interviewed separately for the placement. I was hoping to be done with the Masters in 1 year, as I also would like to go on and do a PhD, hence adding an extra year seems a lot. But the potential idea of having a placement sounds good. I just wondered what people thought about part time as opposed to full time and how placements are viewed and if they are worth the extra year commitment within the course. Thank you!