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Interviews for industry-funded scholarships at ICL

Thank you, let's hope it will be as you said.

Urgent! (Interview for scholarship)

Hello, is there anyone who sitted for an interview for MSc studentships? Has somebody read my previous post? Please, help me, I need suggestions and tips for my interview next week, it's urgent! Tell me about your interviews, it doesn't matter the subject of study.
Thanks to everybody,

Interviews for industry-funded scholarships at ICL

Hello, I'm a new user, from Italy. Next week I'll fly to London, for an interview at the Imperial College. I'm trying to get an industry-funded scholarship for a MSc in Petroleum Geoscience.
What do you think that I will be asked during the interview? About my previous academic studies and personal skills? Will they ask me about my possible technical knowledge in petroleum geoscience? Or simply about my motivation for this MSc?
I'm also worrying about my english, I have some difficulties in understanding english native speakers: do I need to demonstrate to be very fluent during the interview?
A final question: I'm quite old for a Master's degree (36 y.o.), but I'm strongly interested in this MSc; do you think that my age will prejudge my chances of getting a scholarship?
Thanks in advance for any response.