So I'm new here and I just need to vent!

I have been doing my masters write up for over a year now, every time my submission date approached my supervisor extended it by at least two months (original submission date was 28th february 2011). My supervisor is always super busy and waits until last minute to look at my work and give me feedback....well until august when he was told we cant extend it anymore! And i was finally so happy that because he now gave me full attention because no matter what I have to submit the thesis by the end of this month....just yesterday I am told I used the wrong data analysis for my work and I have to analyse my data again.

Now I dont know whether to laugh or cry. First of all I am a layman in stats, I struggled to get my data analysis done. My supervisor has seen it numerous times, we even did some of it together, and im told its wrong now?? I have been given this test that I have to do instead and its my first time hearing it. Im looking at the program I have to use in SAS but it makes no sense to me. I only have until the 31st of this month to get everything done...I dont think I can master this new analysis, do it, and re-write my results and discussion chapters in the space that's left. I am exhausted already from all the extensions I've had, i havent been able to do anything else all year because of my write up....I was going to hand in my last draft (a perfect one) on monday.

I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! I feel like in the end, I've failed :-(

What are my options? do I have any at all??



first of all, you still have time, don't panic. Second find someone at your uni who knows about statistics/ analysis and get them to help you sort it out. There should be somebody in your studen union who will be able to point you in the right direction to find the person to apporach, or failing that, go to the library, they are always a fount of knowledge. You will be able to sort it, good luck :-)


Hi Tina, I'm in a similar situation, except that my supervisor refuses to give any input on stats/data analysis and I've handed two drafts to him when I only get three lines of text in an email back basically telling me to re-write the entire thing! But with no specific input into what is good/bad! Argh!

But you do have time, get help with your stats or find a book in the library that goes through everything step by step, I did that, and my stats only took me a couple hours (after about 4-5 hours working out how to do them). Although I still have no idea if what I have done is any good!

By the sounds of it you're almost done with the rest of it, any maybe these new stats won't change the results much and it will just be a quick changeover!

Good luck with the stats!


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When I flipped it when I thought I had finished my drafts and supervisor wanted more changes-I felt pretty much the same. Once I took a little bit of time (few hours or a day) to get my head sorted, I found as Caro mentioned, that the rewriting I thought would be huge, actually consisted of rewriting some passages and just organising and making things flow smoothly overall, once I had done this. It seemed huge but was actually very manageable once I sat down and did it.

My data was transcripts and historical, so wasn't stats but I think Joyce and Caro have given really really good advice. You have two weeks to go and most of your work completed. You can do this and your 'slack' supervisor obviously thinks so as well. He might be too laid back or just overworked, busy and forgetful but he would know how to get you a Master's that will pass.

Don't despair...take a tiny break and get right back into it. Is there anyone you can go to who can help you look over your new stats-if not have a hissy fit in your supervisor's office and get him to help you. It is the least he can do-but if (like me) you hate it when you do the hissy fit (has to be extreme duress or anger) then find someone else who might just walk through this bit with you for a little while.


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Hi, I know its disheartening when you put in so much effort and someone just doesn't acknowledge and appreciates it. But you must always remember that hardwork always pays, some day or the other. So dont worry and have patience. Every student has experienced this in his/her life, in some form or the other. So dont give up! and All the best!