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Please someone say something..anything to help me

Hi Heidi I am really glad that you achieved what you wanted. Just read your story and I feel so happy that even after all the odds and pressure you delivered the best out from you. Keep on your good work. You truly are an inspiration for many who faces so many day to day problems. Hats off to you and congratulations on your success. :-)

Fathers DAY

Hi Jenstallon you are right we don't need to wait for an occasion to make our father's feel how important they are to us.Fathers are like angels who protect and look after us right from our childhood till the very end. They really are special in our lives.

Fathers DAY

Hi Jenstallon you are right we don't need to wait for an occasion to make our father's feel how important they are to us.Fathers are like angels who protect and look after us right from our childhood till the very end. They really are special in our lives.

Do's and Don'ts in an Interview

What to Do: Be confident and express yourself clearly with a strong voice and good diction and grammar.
Pay close attention to your personal appearance; dress to your advantage.
Do look the interviewer in the eye (but don't stare him or her down)
Do have as much knowledge about the industry, employer, and position as possible.
Do have prepared questions about the employer and position.
Do display a sense of humor.
Do offer a firm handshake.

What not to do: Don't be overbearing, overaggressive or conceited.
Don't show a lack of interest or enthusiasm
Don't emphasize money as your main interest in the job.
Don't make excuses for unfavorable factors on your record.
Don't condemn past employers or institutions of education; keep comments positive.
Don't display a marked dislike for schoolwork.
Don't interview unless you are interested in the job...don't just "shop around."

Qualities of a PhD student?

Three qualities of a successful Ph.D student:
1. Preservance- To escape with a Ph.D., you must meaningfully extend the boundary of human knowledge. More exactly, you must convince a panel of experts guarding the boundary that you have done so. You can take classes and read papers to figure out where the boundary lies.
2. Tenacity- To get a tenure-track professorship after Ph.D. school, you need an additional quality: tenacity. Since there are few tenure-track faculty positions available, there is a fierce (yet civil) competition to get them.
3. Cogency- Finally, a good Ph.D. student must have the ability to clearly and forcefully articulate their ideas--in person and in writing. Science is as much an act of persuasion as it is an act of discovery. Once you've made a discovery, you have to persuade experts that you've made a legitimate, meaningful contribution. This is harder to do than it seems. Simply showing experts "the data" isn't going to work. (Yes, in a perfect world, this would be sufficient.)

PhD Rejections-where am i going wrong?

Firstly, Sorry for the rejection :(
This is unfair if they're not coming back to you. I believe you need at least one supervisor who knows the literature on your topic If they've not got that expertise, then however good the candidate, that PhD is a road crash waiting to happen. Even if the dept has an expert, that person usually has an upper limit of how many people s/he can supervise, and if you're unlucky that person might not have any spaces. That's why it is helpful to contact a potential supervisor is advance as if they can't, they can usually suggest other people elsewhere to ask. They are also usually willing to look at a proposal and tell you if it looks feasible or not, which helps avoid any mega-mistakes.

Is an LLM worth it?

If you're set on a career in law, and can't get any work experience, take a more practical focused LLM in the area/s of law you're specifically hoping to work in. You should already have demonstrated your academic ability on the degree/GDL and LPC. If you're a bit more open-minded about your future career, the LLM is a way of getting an internationally recognized qualification which could make you more appealing to other employers than you might be to a law firm- law will always be a great background degree, and many top business people were once law graduates. Relevant work experience is always going to be more attractive to an employer, so keep applying, but in the meantime, if you have some spare cash, it may well be worth doing.

losing motivation

There are three reasons cause of which we lose motivation:
Lack of confidence, lack of focus and lack of direction. To get over the situation you are in all you need to do is boost your confidence. Now, how you gonna do it? Make a mental list of your strengths, past successes, and current advantages. We tend to take our strengths for granted and dwell on our failures. By making an effort to feel grateful, you’ll realize how competent and successful you already are. This will rejuvenate your confidence and get you motivated to build on your current success. It might sound strange that repeating things you already know can improve your mindset, but it’s amazingly effective. The mind distorts reality to confirm what it wants to believe. The more negatively you think, the more examples your mind will discover to confirm that belief. When you truly believe that you deserve success, your mind will generate ways to achieve it. The best way to bring success to yourself is to genuinely desire to create value for the rest of the world.

What happens at a PhD interview??

Well where to start? You may hear most, some, or little of what I describe. Many will ask you about your reason for choosing to undergo the rigourous path in graduate studies, what has prepared you for this challenge, as well as hobbies or interests you have had. You may also be asked why did you choose the institution, what previous research experience do you have, and may inquire further about your scientific coursework in college (they may likely probe any areas of weakness in your academic record as well). You may likely be asked about your presentation skills, since you willl do PLENTY of that in a graduate program. There are so many possible questions that it is hard to cover them all, but that should give a very rough flavor of the types of questions you may be asked.

masters in engineering. can anyone help?

There are approximately 84 colleges which run Postgraduate engineering courses in UK. Few of the very famous and recommended are University of Stanford, Glyndwr University ,University of Central Lancashire, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Birmingham.
Thank you!

Physical Education in schools should be compulsory?

In my opinion, physical education should be compulsory in schools. Games are essential and a necessity for children. Exercise keep their body fit and trim, thus ensuring healthy eating habits. If there are no games for children in school, they tend to get weary and bored of school routine, and studies become a drag.

PhD without scholarship...Is it possible?

Quote From Ancatdubh:

Hi all, I was just wondering if any of you is starting a PhD without funding and how you plan to cover expenses. I do not know about the results of all scholarships i applied for, and if they are unsuccessful I don't know what I should do.
Do you think it's worth to ask a loan or spend so much from your own pocket? Is it possible to combine part time work with PhD studies...? Thanks you so much!

Most things in life come down to money, and postgraduate study is one of them. It's obvious that if you're not one of the 15% fortunate enough to possess a full scholarship then funding for your PhD or Masters is giving you a headache. But, here I would like to share what I've been told by my professor and that is funding from charities, trusts, and foundations. Easy to say of course, but harder to do. My university had some links on its website to charities, but I was ineligible for almost all the awards- most being restricted to certain subjects. I was left with just three more ‘general’ ones, there was no guidance on which would be appropriate for me, or how I could apply strongly. Everywhere I looked, charities and trusts were being touted as potential sources of funding. There was apparently treasure in the jungle, but maps were in short supply. Then, later i decided to persist like a masochist, and over the next 2 and a half years, I gradually managed to win 40 awards from various bodies, and have been able to fund my PhD almost to research council levels.

A good diet can be helpful to reduce stress levels

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During exams a poor diet can led to fatigue and also increases stress levels. Students need to remember that skipping meals for studying or eating at odd hours can have adverse effect on their performance. You should have all your 3 proper meals in a day. While studying there is definitely energy loss, so it is advisable to munch on healthy snacks like dry fruits, fruits and roasted nuts. Keep yourself hydrated with atleast 8 glasses of water and some fruit juice. Do not over eat and avoid junk food. You don’t want to feel sleepy or lethargic during exams.

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Tips to Save Money while studying Abroad

Use student Discounts- Lot of countries readily offer discounts to students. Avail of this benefit in shops, restaurants, and malls etc. to save extra money. Enquire if student discounts are available.

University offers and packages: Pre-set packages are offered by universities. Sometimes these deals offer massive savings. Pay attention to the offers you are getting and be smart to benefit from the deals.

Cook at home- Don’t be too tempted to eat out often as this is a costly affair. Learn to cook before going abroad and cook at home as much as you can.

Avoid huge cell phone bills- Avoid International calls and use the Internet to make calls. Also you can chat and email instead of always calling. For emergency purposes purchase a call card which is cheap and affordable.

Walk the extra mile: Do not always depend on cabs to go everywhere. If you can walk it up somewhere then please do so, It will be a good exercise and you will end up saving a lot of money.

Ask the locals- When in doubt about the process of products or services and what deal should suit you the most, ask the locals. They will be the best people to help you out. Do not stay ignorant and suffer losses.

Dealing with examination stress

It is common to get stressed during examination, but letting this stress affect you while writing your paper can be bad for your performance. You need to know how to deal with stress. Firstly do not overthink about the exams and results, keep your mind clear of all these thoughts and just focus on studies. Have a positive outlook and picture yourself performing well. When we get anxious we have a lot of thoughts in mind. Stop these thoughts and tell yourself to STOP thinking all negative things. You can control what you think and that will help you to curb anxiety. Eat good and healthy food, food that lifts your good, wear fresh clothes and enjoy what you are wearing. Divert your mind but do not loose focus and you will be fine.