Can someone do DOUBLE masters?


I am a Mechanical engineer and have done my Masters in Energy Systems. I can go for a Phd in renewable energy systems But.. well i fear that i am not passionate enough to finsih it.But i really want to sharpen up my leadership skills. I am 23 years old and want to go for a MBA in UK. Can someone provide me with an advice?

PS- Could you also suggest any universities in UK for MBA.


i understand that a friend here named zacklio asked almost a similar question as mine. I need all of your input whether an Engineer holding a Masters Degree should go for a MBA because i need to aquire some leadership skills and perhaps the charms of Business students presentation skills to really launch myself off.


My dad has about 4 different masters. his first one was at uni then the others open uni. so it is possible


MBA from UK is always a better option but what’s better for you, for this I need to know few things like your academic performance and IELTS score besides how much you can afford! Normally the cost of MBA in UK is around 8000 to 20,000 GBP depending upon the university.
If you’re looking around 10, 000 GBP but a reasonable university of course, then I would suggest you to go for Birmingham City University or University of Aberdeen.

Doing MBA from a place (city) which is not good enough in terms of everyday life and job prospects, won’t be any good idea so be thoughtful before making any final decision.

If you need any detail, and if it’s possible, just leave your email address and I’ll write you back in detail.
Yasir Majid