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help me regarding in MS in Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Your query has been replied via email. I hope you have checked that.

MSc Management UK

I would suggest you guys one more thing that don't only stuck with the rank or total score of any ranking body ... check out things as per your preferences as well ... like if you're more concerned about Job scenario, then check out list as per job prospects and so on.

Plus apply where you seem best fit to save yourself time and money.

Master tourism and/or hospitality sector. seeking hints

In which country you want to pursue your Master?

Looking for Master in Telecommunication and Networking from UK

Tough you people can find good universities for this specific field here at the following link;

but must check out Technology Innovation Centre at Birmingham City University which is basically designed for IT students and are known as quite better in this field of education and offers a wide range of related course e.g MSc in Data Communication.
This course has been designed with Cisco-specific curriculum, enabling you to work towards the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification as part of your postgraduate studies.

Students Solution

slecting universities amd MBA course

I would say UWIC (its University of Wales Institute Cardiff) is not a good option for MBA.
Better apply in universities based in some good cities like Newcastle, Birmingham, Aberdeen and so.

Birmingham City University is supposed to be most affordable amongst all the other universities located in Birmingham City and known as good university for its quality education. Being in this city and getting interacted with people from different part of the world as well as with different school of thought, you would be able to learn more and getting more chances in future regarding job scenario.

Can someone do DOUBLE masters?

MBA from UK is always a better option but what’s better for you, for this I need to know few things like your academic performance and IELTS score besides how much you can afford! Normally the cost of MBA in UK is around 8000 to 20,000 GBP depending upon the university.
If you’re looking around 10, 000 GBP but a reasonable university of course, then I would suggest you to go for Birmingham City University or University of Aberdeen.

Doing MBA from a place (city) which is not good enough in terms of everyday life and job prospects, won’t be any good idea so be thoughtful before making any final decision.

If you need any detail, and if it’s possible, just leave your email address and I’ll write you back in detail.
Yasir Majid