Can you help me to complete this survey?


Hi, can you help me to complete my survey for my dissertation? I am a computer science student from Universiti Sains Malaysia and conducting a research on website quality for B2C e-commerce website. Thank you in advance and I'll appreciate it.


Hi Nusyana, thanks for posting a link to your survey. I wonder if you could adapt the section regarding monthly Income to put the pay brackets in pounds or dollars? It may help you to get more responses.

Good luck with your research!


hi nusyana
hope you get all your data !
selamat berjaya
love satchi


Hi Reenie, thank you for the feedback. I must admit I forget to consider that, thank you for the suggestion.

Hi, satchi. Thank you. Terima kasih.


Done - good luck :).

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Done. Good luck mate!

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Done. It was good. I seriously never paid to much attention to third party seals. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.