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will i get fired
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Don't worry. You'll not be fired. But still, I agree with metabanalysis. All you can do is, make sure to don't piss him off more. I hope everything will be fine. Good luck.

Done! Submitted :-)
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Good luck for your viva.

Passed! :)
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Congratulation on your success. Your Viva went good and your tips are very useful. Thanks for sharing your experience.

PhD with negative results?
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Hi turrao,
what's with that sad face? It happens dear. Sometimes you win sometimes you fail. Don't let it bother you. Life is full of ups and downs. Just give it your best. Don't care about your results. Just give it your best. Go hard on everything you come across. According to me, who cares for results too much, is already lost. If Life goes hard on you, you have to go hard on your life. That's exactly how it works. Hope I reached you. Good luck :D

I passed my viva... and you will
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Quote From vivicov:
So what I want to say is....if I can pass it, I am sure everyone here has no problem of reaching this goal.... I really hated my own thesis, questioning myself all the time, feeling like an imposter (and I still do, I was wondering that the examiners were too nice to me....)

But before the viva, I just told myself I gotta give myself some confidence, after all, at this stage, it doesn't hurt to act as confidently as possible.

For anyone who thinks they cannot finish, please give it a try!!! :))
Thanks for every one who had kindly provided me suggestions and encouragements.
Its such a blessing to find this place, to feel not alone.

Thanks for the suggestion. I really appreciate and congratulate you on your achievement. Have a good and safe life Dr. :D

Dealing with a break up
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One of my friends had the same situation. He and his gf were country apart from each other. He told me about all the misunderstandings and problems he is currently facing because he can't meet her gf. He decided to complete his graduation and move with her gf. But one thing I know about that guy, he was very passionate for PhD. He used to tell me how badly he want to do it. But just to work out his relationship, he threw his ambition away. For his current status, they broke up because girl didn't like the decision he made.
True story. But what I want to say is if you start something then finish it off. If you think that the person you love is truly your life partner, then explain it to her what you really want with your life and try to work it out. If he/she doesn't want to understand it, then I am sorry to say that person does not deserve to be your life partner because relationship is all about sacrifices and trust.
I don't know if I reached you or not. Anyway, best of luck for your future. And don't get distracted just because a girl left you. "There are plenty of fish in the sea" :D

Can you help me to complete this survey?
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Done. It was good. I seriously never paid to much attention to third party seals. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.

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I don't think they'll accept. You should ask about it to officials of the university (where you're applying).

New forum design - what do you think? Any problems?
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I am Beth Worthy, I am new to this forum site. I found this interesting and I am looking forward to participate in activities over here so that I ca n share some thoughts.
Hope I will enjoy participating here.