Dealing with examination stress


It is common to get stressed during examination, but letting this stress affect you while writing your paper can be bad for your performance. You need to know how to deal with stress. Firstly do not overthink about the exams and results, keep your mind clear of all these thoughts and just focus on studies. Have a positive outlook and picture yourself performing well. When we get anxious we have a lot of thoughts in mind. Stop these thoughts and tell yourself to STOP thinking all negative things. You can control what you think and that will help you to curb anxiety. Eat good and healthy food, food that lifts your good, wear fresh clothes and enjoy what you are wearing. Divert your mind but do not loose focus and you will be fine.


Something that has worked really well for me is breathing exercises. I found them here - here they also give all sorts of advice on how to concentrate better, etc.

I do not know if this kind of thing works for everyone but the bit that has really helped me was the breathing exercises. It has helped me before job interviews, before preforming on stage, before writing an exam... I cannot tell you in how many occasions this has been useful.


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Good post by Oortiz sir i like your thread main focusing point of Examination Stress. I also deal with this stress in Examination.
I am happy that I am not the only one who deal with this situation. I also have got so much help from this thread to how to Deal With Examination Stress but also got some help form this website too and I think everyone here can also get help from them

self-hypnosis to overcome stage apprehension


I believe stress in examinations comes due to lack of preparation or study. Th best way to beat it is to be systematic and disciplined in your approach/studies. Rome was not built in a day and this is true fro every aspect of our lives. Remain focused and systematic is the key to win over stress.