Examiners failed my Resubmission


I was given a resubmission result last December. I spent 8 months to produce a revised thesis. I submitted a few weeks ago the revised thesis and a cover letter listing out how I have addressed each and every amend suggestion. I have just got an email from the college informing me that i was failed for a phd and offered 'mphil subject to the presentation of the project/thesis amended to the satisfaction of the Examination Panel'. By the time of my viva, i no longer have a first supervisor as the original one left, so the school has found a very experienced professor to advise my revision. This professor and my 2nd supervisor worked with me through out 2 drafts of my revision, and both highly commented on my revised thesis. Of course everyone is in shock and my supervisor just called and promise to meet with the school to discuss the case.

I am beyond belief. Any advise from the forum?


First of all, look after your mind. Do not do anything rash. Speak the the Samaritans if necessary. Then try to have a consultation with a good solicitor who specialises in PhDs. Also your students union. Good luck. Take good care.