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Examiners failed my Resubmission

First of all, look after your mind. Do not do anything rash. Speak the the Samaritans if necessary. Then try to have a consultation with a good solicitor who specialises in PhDs. Also your students union. Good luck. Take good care.

PhD Supervisor Problems with 2 months to go

Hello There
So sorry to hear you are having these issues. I thought my supervisor was superwonderful but over time things went bad. Some of the things they said would be considered completely over the top in a non-academic setting. I won't quote them here in case I am identifiable! My PhD has been very over the top all the way through for many reasons, but I felt I had a good supervisor to see me through most of it. However, it's not just students who get depressed and stressed, supervisors can behave in extremely odd ways and then the student is treated like they are the ones with the mental health problem. Projection!
Get some time with people who don't know you and do not know you are an academic and do ordinary things, like really unacademic things. That helps get it all under perspective.
There's a lot of bullying in academia, but it took me a long time to realise how badly I was being bullied because I was just expected to be tough. It's so strange because doing a PhD is more like joining the army than being with sensitive intelligent people trying to write something thoughtful and creative. Every day I am told off by the graduate school for something, usually because they have made a major error, and no one ever apologises.
Many sensitive intelligent people seem to leave the PhD or academia in my experience. I think academia has lost its way.

My PhD destroyed my life

I am not sure I will complete mine. Went through so many problems in every area of my life that would make anyone want to give up. Now I have got major corrections.
I innocently thought it was OK to approach my graduate schhol to question the examiners's judgement. I had no idea how badly my supervisor and the university would react to this. I am now in terrible circumstances and without hrltp from the university. Am trying to do the corrections but impossible to get time to concentrate due to various circumstances. I had no idea quite how toxic my university could be up until now. But will try, don't have a supervisor at present. University as unsupportive as it gets. No one told me that it was some kind of crime to question what happened at my viva. But I contacted a solicitor for a one-time consultation and he was extremely helpful and made me realise that I had to really insist the university acknowledged my mitigating circumstances, that they provided me with a supervisor, and also demonstrated that they broke exam regulations and that I could appeal.