How can i get essay complete - faster pace?


ive a week, but want to get it done in 2 days, any ideas?


Sit down and do it... that works for me


By actually doing it and not faffing about. No tv, no web surfing, no going out. Basically just lock yourself in your room and only leave to use the bathroom and eat.


Yup. The quickest way to do something is just to do it.


If you have a week and want to get it done in 2 days I dont see a problem. Get it structured and just write it. Most essays can be written up in a day if you have already done the resarch for them.


Stop posting on internet forums.


Usually, as others say, by not doing anything except DOING THE ESSAY.


How's it going? nearly done yet? The only way as the others so well said is to get your head down and do it - there's no magic formula for this stuff - just hard work and lots of it! If you've got a week, why not take the time anyway and make sure you do this really well rather than rushing - I'm guessing you're masters level and there aren't many opportunitites to gain marks, each one counts - make sure you do the very best you can or you'll be kicking yourself when the grades come back!


hi. check out PhD prospective. ive just posted for a masters student who's having a hard time at the mo and needs an essay done by monday. also another posting by another PhD student on same topic. might help u? x