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Hi all, I am just beginning to gather journal articles for my thesis. I want to have a better idea of the quality of the journals that I find as a trawl through the databases. Could someone please advise on a website etc that has lists journals by quality (impact factor or the like?)

Thank you! :)


You should ask your librarian - book an appointment with your subject's subject librarian and he or she can take you through the process.

Maybe there are other ways but basically what you are looking for is the 'h' index. Try (if your uni has it, and it should) Web of Knowledge, found under your library's databases. I think it is now known as Thomson Reuters but either should get you there.

If you are just at the beginning, believe that you will over time get to know the key journals in your field. Also don't forget your supervisor, that's part of their job, to advise you, not just provide critique ;-)

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Hi, try these sites - if not there maybe other similar ones. I used the top one to search for journal rankings in my area.

Hope this helps;-)


Interesting thread.
I'm working on my Master thesis at the moment and when talking to my supervisor (my supervising postdoc in the lab) about stuff and papers he kinda always mentions stuff like: "that's why it's published in FASEB." or "be carefull taking this paper to serious, journal x is not well reviewed."
And he once told me the key journals in our field. So maybe just ask in the lab and discuss this topic. They will tell you all the important journals.

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Thanks everyone for your quick replies! Very much appreciated since I need to get my proposal in soon. I will try each of these suggestions (and recommend them to others as well! ) :-)