MA Choosing the right one


Hello. I'm recently new here. I'm a design maker specialise and Ceramics and I'm working as a Librarian Assistant and I'm thinking on taking my MA to improve myself on my workplace or to become an official Librarian in the art and design field. I've been looking for different courses at the same University and found that there is Librarianship MA (the original I was going to apply for) Digital Library Management MSc and Library and Information Services Management MA. My question is . Have Anyone take any similar MAs and is there any significant differences between all of them that might give me some advantage in my specific field . Any advice will help me tremendously on my finally decision


a relation did a library and information services management course. She's found it very hard to get decently paid library work (although she couldn't move far away which may be a reason) but has found the information management side has kept her in steady employment.