Masters without completed Bachelors


Where can an individual with over 10 years of executive experience in international business but without a bachelors degree apply for an online Masters that is FULLY accredited in the US and Western Europe? I am ideally looking for a dual MBA + LLM or MBA + other masters degree program.


Theoretically possible. It is usually said in requirements, Bachelor or relevant experience.

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Honestly you will need to ask the universities directly. As eng77 said, they expect a bachelor or relevant experience, which is considered on a case by case basis. Though the admissions departments are usually very fast at replying and are very helpful. Goodluck and sorry I can't help more

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Yep: no BA here; got on an MA course with 15 years of Relevant experience. Now doing PhD.

I’m sure different unis have different requirements, but ultimately they need that postdoc money, so if you want to do the course and they think you’ll probably do a good job of it, you’ll be good to go. 👍