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How should I reach out to potential postdoc supervisors?

Things are not great in academia when it comes to funding. If a PI has fund, he/she is "more likely" to post a job ad. Some PIs have some "hidden" funds or they have money from department which is not assigned to a particular project. You might try though the chance is not particularly high.
One expected reply is that PI asks you for a proposal either his/her proposal and you want you to work on it or your own proposal. Many academics think now that the Postdoc and even PhD students should bring their money with them.
Another important option is to seek fund from funding bodies that are willing to fund early stage researchers. The PI can guide you which funding bodies you can contact or you might start googling it before contacting PIs.

I need advice on what masters as I'm very confused

I understand well how you feel. You want to prove it to yourself not to anyone else. Being biased against "managment", I would recommend the finance and accounting Master. It looks like you love the subjects more and the chance that you will do well is higher if you have the passion. Moreover managmement career is comlicated and depends on many things the least of them is education in management.
But are you going to leave your job or work parttime? Are you ready for this massive change? I am not scaring you as I did several massive changes and did not regret them but just be prepared for the big change.

I have a self employed company. Can I use dr title?

Quote From PhoenixFortune:
I don't see why not... as long as you have the credentials to prove it if need be (i.e. PhD certificate).

I agree. As long as you have a doctorate, it does not matter where you have obtained it.

Changing subfields between postdoc - good or bad idea?

I think it is common in Postdoc. You work in a "closer" field where the fund is available. If you like the other field, it should be absolutely fine.

PhD help

It is not easy with lower marks. I suggest you search for an RA job and try to publish then you will have a better chance. The other option is like PhoenixFortune said to do another Master. You can try with your current profile but it will be difficult.

Masters and requalificarion

There is no such a programme which is meant for graduates with non technical background. Just explore the programmes and apply with a good cover letter and I am sure you will be accepted at one of them.

Fork in the road - find work or PhD?

Knowing what to do after PhD is not that critical as it looks. What would be wrong is to start a PhD because you have nothing else to do.
But if you love science, doing a PhD might be a good choice. You do not have to choose a "perfectly" matching subject. If you want to stay in a certain geographical location, a bit of compromise is expected. You do not have to choose between career and life style. You can sacrifice half of each. For example, some commute (one to two hours) with a job or PhD which satisfies you 60-80% would be nice. After Corona, commute will be the new normal as allowing employees to have a considerable time working from home would be not unusual.
One pro for PhD is that if you complete a PhD, you will have a chance to work in research institution or in a company that does some decent work utilising your education and knowledge. It is still possible with a Bachelor but with PhD the chances are higher.

Poor relationship with supervisor

I think you can just try to forget about him and apply everywhere. If I were you, I won't put this institution as a top priority.

Poor relationship with supervisor

I am sorry to hear this. You supervisor is not God and he does not control the universe. Even if you do not believe in God, he/she is a just a person. You do not need to apply at the same institution. But if you want to go to the same institution, just apply.
Just for curiosity, is you supervisor a woman? It has occurred to me that the worst manager/employee supervisor/student relationships are woman/woman. It turns often to personal which is a double-edged sword.

Major corrections as R&R

Hi. I agree with EM89. Focus to get things done. Major corrections is not a bad outcome. Also too much escalating can lead to worse outcome.

Covid -- PhD admission rejection

You can ask further questions but based on my experience, he will never reply. This is the final reply and he will not (and he does not have to) explain more. It is sad but it is what it is. Fund or pandemic it does not matter. Just move on and apply somewhere else. Meanwhile in a few months try to reach him out asking if the situation changes, although it is quite rare to reconsider applicants after rejection.

Help to get a VISA to study a master in Germany

Hi. I do not think it goes this way. You do not have to know someone in Germany to get the visa. You have to show available funds in a Germany "blocked" bank account. Please check the following link

PhD or Professional Doctorate

Although they might seem pretty similar, but I usually prefer the standard degree over "non standard" degrees. I do not like it when I have to explain my degree if it is not standard. Also the standard PhD gives you mobility outside the UK also if you want to shift the field a bit.

I want to quit my PhD. Advice and Reassurance.

I agree with em, pm, and rewt. I would add that I were you, I separate two questions:
1. Do I want to continue? what is the point of completion, what am going to do after finishing?
2. Can I really finish?
If the answer to question 2, is really no and you need to "repeat" your PhD in one way or another, I would advise quitting. But if what you have done is satisfactory in terms of data collections and analysis, I would consider writing what I have already and try to finish it whatever comes next. It took me five years thinking of quitting and eventually fund ran out and left without PhD. You are not alone. No need to regret anything but think carefully.

Inferiority complex from friends and family

Quote From rewt:
Toxic people are just toxic. Both of my parents have degrees but my Dad was the only one is his family that went to uni. My Dad and his side of the family are super supportive, they are interested in what I do but are not jealous. My Mum's side however is completely toxic despite most of them having degrees. To them I am an "underachiever" that has wasted my potential, while my cousins are lauded for barely scraping into uni and passing with a 2:2. I constantly get told that my cousins "worked harder than you" and they "deserve it more", because they were not naturally intelligent. My family openly joke to my face that I am "Dr Binman" and that after my PhD I will become a binman because my PhD involves process wastes. So I don't know what to suggest other than learn to recognise toxic people, regardless of how you are related, and cut them out of your life. Toxic people don't change and are not worth the effort.

I fully agree with you. There is a book called "The no asshole rule" all about toxic people who try to belittle you and disappoint you. Try to avoid them as much as you can and do not try too much to fight with them or argue. Just cut them out if you can.