MBA in USA - how to choose the right program?


I'm thinking about applying to one of the top-30 b-schools in the USA, but I'm not sure how to choose a program and what is the right school for me.
Any advice? what are the factors to consider? Anyone knows a good source of information?
Any help would be appreciated!


Hi MBA2014, here is a good place to start:

Good luck!


Perhaps you should look at how well they offer job and career support. Does the school have an office dedicated to helping graduates find jobs? What is their track record? What corporations are hiring from that school? Is there an alumni mentoring program? Do they offer support with writing a curriculum vitae? How often do they hold job fairs? Do they send out new job posts via email? Are there mailing lists that students can join? Do they help international students acquire internships while studying, and after graduation? Is there an office dedicated to support services for international students?

Hope this helps. Good luck!


Hey MBA2014,
I found a this table of some top MBA programs, many of them in the US, with info and tips for each program. Here is the link if you're interested:
Good luck!


Hi. It is important for you to consider what course will suit you best in your career option. You need to decide on the college depending on the fee structure, course structure and placement options available. Your course structure is very important ans the subjects need to be of your interest and should help you specialize in the future.


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Please visit :-

It will help you a lot to get your right way.


Please go through below mention links. It will help you a lot to find the same.


Yes the link tells the nice information. Even I recommended Thunderbird laureate to one of my friends as he wanted to do his MBA from USA and sought my help.


Thunderbird is a good choice, however, the school selection depends on a few other items such as if one is looking for in-class instruction, online or a combination of the two. Depending on the major, University of Chicago, Northwestern and the University of Notre Dame are some decent alternatives.



You can take the help of plenty of professional consultant whose will suggest you top business schools in USA. They can also introduce about the procedure of admission in business schools of USA. Try to contact them they will available on the web.