Hi everyone,

I am about to start an MRes. I don't actually know anyone else who has completed one. I was just wondering if you had any words of wisdom or advice on an MRes?



I have done MRes. As you probably know, it is a research degree. If we say PhD is 3 years, MPhil 2, MRes 1. But as PhD tends to be 4 years, MRes also tends to be 1.5-2 years. What I can advice, you think quickly in thesis format and in writing. If the official submision time is for example end of September, you would have until the end of December to submit without the need for a formal extension (please check at your uni also). The key is to be careful of timing. In PhD and MPhil, you have to add a contribution in your field. In MRes, you do basically research but it has not to be "very novel". Do not put unrealistic goals which will not fit the time frame (even PhD students fall in this trap).
If you can a publish a paper or two, this might be your golden key to be admitted to a PhD.