Part-time/evening classes/short courses


Hello all,

I am interested in finding out about part-time MBA courses, particuraly evening classes or whether there is any way to do short courses like a mini-MBA. I live in London -does anyone have any experience/advice about this?


You might wish to consider Uni. London; try either SOAS or Birkbeck. I think Royal Holloway may offer a programme to suit your needs.Also you could check with London External; they offer a wide range of distance courses which might fit your idea of Mini-MBA. Beware private colleges offering London External degrees. Anyone can offer such courses; it does not mean the colleges are approved providers (although UOL did tell me they might change their rules soon).
Middlesex is not generally well regarded but its MBA programme is AMBA accredited (like most of the top programmes). Good luck.


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If you live in London then the best school in the area is London Business School (according to the FT rankings tables it is no2 in the world for MBAs). I notice they are just starting a new programme called Masters in Management which is a one year MSc. They also offer a part time MBA. You do need to be aware that you need to have passed the GMAT and courses are quite expensive.