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Part-time/evening classes/short courses

Hello all,

I am interested in finding out about part-time MBA courses, particuraly evening classes or whether there is any way to do short courses like a mini-MBA. I live in London -does anyone have any experience/advice about this?

Thinking of quitting

I'm in my first year and am having serious doubts as to whether to continue my PhD. I haven't really enjoyed it from the start but I kept thinking I'd give it more time and see if things improved. Now that I'm coming to the end of my first year, I wonder whether there's any point continuing. For a start I find it hard to answer the question 'do I really want a PhD'? But then there's the problem of will it look really bad to future employers to have quite after a year - does anyone have any experience/thougths about this. The alternative of course is to just get on with it and stop wasting time thinking about quitting but is there any point wasting 3/4 years feeling bored and miserable?