Research method combing descriptive and causal design?


Hi everyone,

There are exploratory, descriptive and causal research designs. I'm doing a pre-study (in-depth interviews) and an online survey. In the interviews and the survey there is a descriptive part but also an experiment. Participants are shown a picture and they have to evaluate different characteristics of that person.
Can I say that I am using a mixed-method design, combining descriptive and causal research? Or is there a different definition/method?

Thank you for any help :-)

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Hi bermosa,

Engineering student here. Are the two projects linked other than same participants? If not you can probably separate them into 2 studies.

Though as rough rule, you can call it whatever you think is this most appropriate. If you can't find anyone else with the same method, you are free to call it whatever you want. What you call the work is trivial in comparison to the actual results. But I am engineering student.