Should you buy your supervisor a present at the end?


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Are you buying your supervisor and anyone else who helped a lot a present?
What is appropriate? A bottle of wine?


Having a supervised student pass should be enough for a supervisor. I think a present is unneccesary, it anything they should be buying you a drink!

A nicely handwritten tasteful card a few days after the viva might be a nice touch - as well as a personal copy of your thesis for their bookcase (which many people give their supervisor of a matter of course - turn it into a present gesture!). I think that is a nice professional gesture of gratitude. Perhaps write a nice handwritten note on the cover of the thesis.

Unless you really can, it seems unneccesary to spend worry and money on a present.


I didn't do anything for my Masters dissertation supervisor. But assuming I pass my looming PhD viva I plan to give my PhD supervisor a nice card, along with the nicely bound version of the thesis once finished.


At the end of my Honours year, I gave my supervisor a mug with the results of my thesis project printed on it (the main graph). I have the same supervisor for my PhD, so I can't reuse that idea.


Hey! I didn't for my MSc, but I will be getting something for my primary PhD supervisor when I eventually finish my PhD...nothing too flash, but I think it's nice as a gesture if they have been a good supervisor. Sod's law- my supervisor doesn't eat chocolate and only drinks champagne. Typical! Best, KB


I didn't for my undergraduate thesis, but I have the same supervisor for my PhD and he's been very good to me, so definitely will when the time comes. I've heard of students giving their supervisors nice bounded copies of their thesis, wine, a copy of an old book that they couldn't get their hands on, brought them out for dinner... a book voucher might be nice (if not a tad boring, but an academic is sure to get use out of it!) :)


i got mine a bottle of wine (the most expensive one i could find in our local supermarket - 10 pounds or so). at my uni it really depends on how the supervision was going - a bottle of wine is the bare minimum ..... others buy tickets to some musical, etc.
personally, i dont think a present is necessary, they get paid supervising you, they get publications out of you, they get to put another PhD student on their CV...


I think I'll def be getting my sup something, but I'm not sure what yet. He's been amazing, and so suppportive through everything! Even if it's his job, I feel like he's gone the extra mile where other sup's wouldn't have and for that I think he deserves a little something to say thanks. (up)


I did for my MSc (sadly my MA supervisor died from a long battle with cancer almost as soon as we got our restuls) - couple of bottles of wine.  I teach undergrads and while I don't expect anything I am always pleased when I get something and always disappointed if don't even get a not or card.


Oooo I'm so pleased I read this thread - I'm seeing my supervisors for the last time on Wednesday now my corrections have been done and hadn't even thought to get them a present each! Is a cactus a good present? I give cacti as presents for all sorts of occasions!


I just completed MSc and gave my supervisor a bottle of wine, and he was very pleased. Unless you didn't get on well with your supervisor, a small thing such as wine is appropriate.


Thanks fore replies. I will definitely get my supervisor something as he has ben fantastic. Really liking the cactus idea but not too sure it would be fully appreciated. I will probably stick to a card and wine.