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Always the supervisor at fault isn't it, never the student at all!

*rolls eyes*

Software Engineering Master Prerequisites

Hi Ciavil , which country are you interested in? Here in the UK there are a few masters "conversion course" in software/comp sci available where you don't need a comp sci background.

As an example -

Supervisor with nearly 40 students

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Actually it may not be a huge problem - my main supervisor had 30 phd students but most of these were cosupervised - he was my supervisor in name more than actually anything useful. Plus different students will have different levels of demand. I'd find out more about his supervision arrangements and whether they would suit you.

And I should point out too that I and everyone else I knew at the time supervised by him got our PhDs too!

PhD boyfriend with NO job

Wow, this thread has been great to read as it's extremely close to my heart at the moment! Partner just starting writeup year and we've already had several arguments over the issue of "when are you going to get a job and earn some money". I have a good job and good income but it's frustrating he doesn't seem to want to listen about how he is going to survive (although some income avenues are being explored, they are survival amounts, and ad hoc at best). And like the OP, no proper job lined up and seems to think that he can keep putting it off and off. We don't live together but neither am I about to pay his way for him either.

I do feel quite guilty at times given that I've been in the situation before (although as I sadly too often point out, I wrote up whilst I was working but I had nobody else to think about at the time) although clearly slightly a different slant. I'm just sick of the arguing about it, to the point I just feel like saying, let's go our seperate ways and if we're both single in 12 months time then think about things. Maybe I just find it hard to see someone with a different ethic to what I had - get a job, write up at same time, earn and progress, no wasting time. I'm actually getting wound up just writing this!


Stinking bishop

oh dear I think I may be too old now...

As I've gotten older (although I'm only early 30s I hasten to add) I've gone for the "well, just try it and see" approach. I've had a lot of self doubt about things over the years (am I good enough? will I succeed?) but as I've got older I've just thought, well, what's the worst that can really happen?

So you've identified something you are interested in doing - moving to Australia. Have you looked at the opportunities and feasibility? Or is it just a passing dream still?

It took a lot for me to shift my view from "Can I do it?" to "I can do it" (ugh, I know, so cheesy) but I'd say just try and erase the doubt that your age may be against you, and just pursue the opportunities you want regardless.

Sometimes luck can be on your side as much as anything. I say this - 3 months ago I was in a job I was fairly unhappy with, that didn't offer what it promised, and wasn't ever going to. But I earned a decent amount, life was generally okay and I just carried on. Off the cuff, I saw an advert for a job on one of those annoying banner ads (see right for example). Sounded too good to be true. Interviews, job offer, settled... so much happier. A lot more money, responsibility, getting to do research type work and my work hours are a lot less. But it was just having that "well, I've got nothing to lose..." approach that helped me through!

(Sorry for the ramble, am in the middle of moving and have half packed boxes all over the place)

Mommies Needed Urgently PLEASE

What on earth are MOMMIES? Do you mean MOTHERS?

I think I may have to go and vomit.


Red Leicester

Guardian - advice for unemployed new PhD

Agree, the comments are far better and more useful than the piece of tripe article.

Big bottoms

Quote From Dalmation:

Are you primarily interested in size, or should we also consider quality (e.g. firm versus squishy) and shape (e.g. apple-shaped versus overripe watermelon)?

Should the data collection be a visual estimation, or do you prefer a more "hands-on" approach?

Well I've primarily noticed overall size, although I guess quality should be linked to it.

And, where legal, I prefer a hands on approach every time

Have I commited a faux pas??

I once committed a terrible faux pas by farting in a lift and then apologising for it. The correct thing to do is to keep looking at your feet until you exit.

Urgent! Findamaster conditions

I believe you get your picture taken wearing a tutu and make up like a clown and then it's plastered all over the site.

Or maybe not. But that would be funny!

Big bottoms

I'm not sure if it's just me... but has anyone noticed that people seem to have bigger bottoms these days? I know people are getting larger upwards and outwards, but bottom growth seems to have become greater in proportion. I'm not singling out women either, I've noticed it with men as well.

Your thoughts?

And before I am accused of being bottomist, as the song goes "I like big butts and I cannot lie..."

Dr. Doodles

This is to PhDcomics what Brighton Belles was to the Golden Girls.

Tired of the strong supporting the weak culture

Life is only unfair if you let it be.