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Dear forum-users,

I wonder if any one can help me. I am applying for a masters degree in intellectual History in the UK. My undergraduate degree (in France) was not taught in English, so I feel that my personal statement has to be extra special. Can any one who has written a successful personal statement for History give me any tips or possibly send it to me? I just want to get a general good idea of what I can say. I am very worried about the success of my application.

Thank you



Google can help you much here. I stuck your request in and guess what came up? Have a look see:


Blatant 'helpful user' points hogging.


Hi Zana, I'm not so sure about History but could send you a succesful personal statement for an English Literature masters if that would help in any way?

Walminksi--I think you deserve a 'helpful user' for that comment, so might just click it for you. Clevercloggs you'll need to keep trying...! M,