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Christmas Presents

Right, but I am trying to think of an amazing, original, useful Christmas present for my boyfriend. It's our first Christmas (as a couple) and I have never bought him anything before. He's musical and sporty.

So, for inspiration, what's the best present you've ever received? Price is irrelevant.

physical exhaustion--tears?!

Hi guys, I am NOT a fitness person, but have recently started an intense physical training programme to do an iron man challenge. I was training the other day with a friend who is a personal trainer, and I was so exhausted I was just crying my eyes out! Is this normal?? Can anyone who has done something physically challenging sympethise? I am in my 2nd year of my phd now and i actually find physical stress so much more traumatic than mental! I am doing this challenge to raise money for a close friend who died recently and I am scared that i actually don't have it in me!


BUSTED! Please help (for my friend)

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Guys, Can i ask your advice for my friend? She has a huge (innocent) crush on a very close friend of hers. It will never happen and she has never made a move. She doesn't wait around for him (sees other guys) and has never told him because it's not reciprocated. Anyway, to her absolute horror, she's just found out that his best friends (and him) all know it. It's obviously not really a problem, or he wouldn't see her so often, but now she's thinking about things retrospectively, she's very embarrassed about how much contact she initiates with him, and is mortified by fact that they all realise her crush.

Given that she doesn't want him to know EVER, what's the best way for her to make them change their minds, (or will they ever):

a. ignore it, go on as usual, and try to contact him less
b. raise the issue lightheartedly, tell them it's not true and laugh it off
c. Raise the issue seriously, and tell them it's not true
d. tell him privately that she's embarrassed they all think that, it's inaccurate, and she's going to not hang out with him so much because she doesn't want people thinking this.



I know that generally speaking men are stronger than women. I know that. But it really f**** me off when men assume that all women are weak and delicate and don't acknowledge that we also have survival instinct and at least the potential for self defence.

my new bf seems to revel in the fact that i am smaller and weaker than him and it really annoys me!

Dating advice

Hello all. I'm cringing at myself for posting such a ridiculous question on here, but would welcome your advice!

I'm recently single (out of a long term relationship, where I lived with my bf). So, effectively, I'm new to dating. And I'm not having much luck...

I've been on a few dates, and a couple of people I know have asked me out, SO, you'd think that it's going well. BUT, I never really get past the first date stage.... a close (male) friend of mine recently told me that I am too honest, too self deprecating, and I drink/go out too much. He said the combination makes me less attractive when the guy clocks on. I think he may have a point.

Guys: do these features make for a kind of unattractive potential girlfriend...?

If you don't get into academia, what do you want to do?

Guys i think we should combine forces: some kind of reality show about phd students..

On dating a (shallow) friend..

Hi all. I've got a situation for you, it's not mine, but my very best friend in the world:

Two people have been close friends for a long time, but one person (the male) is (to be blunt) considered more attractive than the other. However, imagine the girl kind of has a "She's all That" style transformation, not over night, but over about 6months--her skin clears up, she loses a lot of weight, she becomes fit, healthy and a lot more confident and positive. Now, she's always had a slight crush on her friend (but then, everyone does, as he's gorgeous), but he's never been interested, until now. Do you think he's shallow? I'm recently single and I don't want to sound bitter and jealous by telling her that when I see them together I just look at him and think "oh NOW she's good enough for you!?" Am I being unfair?

trauma and eating disorder advice

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I have a friend who has been through a traumatic and distressing experience very recently. Mood-wise, she seems fine, perhaps a little bit snappy sometimes and stressed from time to time, but she's generally happy and acts like her normal self when we're out etc. I have noticed however that she has become weight obsessed. Now, she's not even fat in the slightest -maybe a size 12/14 or something, but she's on this ridiculous diet now (atkins or something similar). She's never out of the gym, and she's talking about losing weight all the time (*all*) the time. She beats herself up if she has a slip up ie, if she eats a chip or something. Can someone tell me, is this a relatively normal coping-mechanism? I don't want to patronise her if she just needs a distraction/project at the moment, but it really is very boring, and a bit weird, because she's always been so happy and confident with the way she looks...

Breaking up

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Hi all, I have just split up with my boyfriend of many years. He moved out last week. While I do agree that it is for the best, I cannot stop thinking about him. It's actually obsessive. I'm checking his facebook page every 10minutes, am emailing all my friends just so i can talk about him and worst of all I am just sitting here staring at my phone. I know it's a complete cliche but i really am waiting for him to call up and tell me he's changed his mind. This only happened 6 days ago, so I know that it will take time for me to move on. He told me that under no circumstances did he want to speak for at least two weeks. However, it's killing me. Any one else dealt with a break up lately?! Any tips? He's the only person I've ever been with/lived with/loved.  Maria.x

When supervisor is less ambitious than student

My supervisor is the same. He reminds me constantly that I shouldn't worry about having my thesis published, that my PhD doesn't define me blah blah. I find it all a bit uninspiring to be honest...

bereavement blues: tough situation...

God what a horrible situation. I'm so sorry about your relationship with your niece. If I were you, I would definitely go. If she is a final year undergraduate, then she is old enough to understand why you would want to be there, and to appreciate that you have a right to be there. Moreover, it sounds like you have some friends there to support you, just incase, God forbid, things do turn nasty. Hopefully your neice will put her personal feelings aside, in your sister's honour, and you will both be able to enjoy the memorial. Good luck.

Passed viva - wahoo!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's such good news! Very happy for you. x

Which font looks like typewriter font?

Sorry for the random question, but does anyone know which font on vista looks the most like old typewriter font? Thanks, mar.x

When to get married?

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How exciting!! And I don't think it matters, just do it when you're good and ready!! Btw, I do feel for your bf. Trying to get a ring out of my bf is like trying to get blood from a stone. I've been with him since HIS first year PhD which was my first year of undergrad (nearly 6 years), and STILL not even a HINT of a proposal. Pretty soon I envisage myself sining that Beyonce song to him...

If you haven't backed up your files recently, do so NOW

also guys, you should download mozy or drop box. that way you can share work between computers and it automatically saves it for you on both. (ev, I have had a similar disaster before, glad it's not been too much of a nightmarexx