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Dear friends,

This is my first thesis submission ever in my life!. I got all the corrections and comments done on my thesis and now its ready to go to the printer. But while giving me the last draft of my thesis, my supervisor asked me to do spiral binding rather than hard copy binding and he mentioned it will be easy in case there is some corrections. I am really worried about this statement now. Does it mean that my supervisor already know that I am going to get major corrections ?? Since I heard it from him I cant sleep and eat properly.What do you guys think? If he feels that its going to come back with corrections why is he not helping me to correct it now itself ????




Please don't panic! This is normal practice, at least in my university. The thesis is only subject to hard copy binding after viva and after any corrections have been made.


I think most universities ask for softbound theses for the examiners for that reason, I don't think it would be a personal comment to yourself! I'm sure your supervisor was just thinking of the expense of getting hardbound copies when you could easily have the odd spelling mistake etc which you wouldn't want in a permanent copy, you can get a hardcopy for yourself once it's been marked! It's easy to get very worried and take things out of proportions when under such stress but I'm sure everything is fine!


Thanks a lot Caro and Delta!


Yep. Just to add to Caro and Delta's comments: soft binding and corrections is the norm and is in no way a critique of what you've done. But sometimes profs forget about emotions and interpretations - beyond trying to save you some money with a cheaper binding option!