Tips to Save Money while studying Abroad


Use student Discounts- Lot of countries readily offer discounts to students. Avail of this benefit in shops, restaurants, and malls etc. to save extra money. Enquire if student discounts are available.

University offers and packages: Pre-set packages are offered by universities. Sometimes these deals offer massive savings. Pay attention to the offers you are getting and be smart to benefit from the deals.

Cook at home- Don’t be too tempted to eat out often as this is a costly affair. Learn to cook before going abroad and cook at home as much as you can.

Avoid huge cell phone bills- Avoid International calls and use the Internet to make calls. Also you can chat and email instead of always calling. For emergency purposes purchase a call card which is cheap and affordable.

Walk the extra mile: Do not always depend on cabs to go everywhere. If you can walk it up somewhere then please do so, It will be a good exercise and you will end up saving a lot of money.

Ask the locals- When in doubt about the process of products or services and what deal should suit you the most, ask the locals. They will be the best people to help you out. Do not stay ignorant and suffer losses.


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my personal opinion - it's impossible to save money while studying abroad:)

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