Urgent! Findamaster conditions


Hi, I am applying to have a master funding to the findamaster.com.

In the terms and conditions it is stated that if I win I should take part into their "FindAMasters / FindAPhD promotional activities".
I looked everywhere around the site, searching what these activities are, founding nothing.

Is there anyone who knows what those activities are?

Thank you, bye!


I believe you get your picture taken wearing a tutu and make up like a clown and then it's plastered all over the site.

Or maybe not. But that would be funny!


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It says they will ask you a photo for promotional use, but nothing about "Promotional Activities".

Any idea?



I think you're referring to terms 11 and 12;
11. FindAMasters and FindAPhD reserve the right to use any of the text applications or video entries in promotional activity.
12. Winners will be required to provide a photo of themselves for use in promotional activity and may also be asked to take part in FindAMasters / FindAPhD promotional activities.

All it means is that by entering to win one of the Funding Awards you are agreeing to let us use your video or text entry, and a short profile and photo of you in our press releases and on our sites/at our events to help us to promote the Funding Awards in the future. We might even ask you to write some content for the site about how you're getting on wih your studies. But absolutely NO dressing you up in a tutu we promise (unless of course you'd really like too).

Hope that helps - any other questions please just ask, Sarah.


Thank you for your kind answer. That is what i was looking for. May I ask you where could I find some examples of those text you are talking about? Just for knowing how to write it.

Anyway, apart from this essay and the photography, is there anything else I should do in case of winning?

Thank you again for your answer! :)