What happens if I fail an exam for MSc taught module?


It is exam period! It has been a very busy semester for my Computer Science conversion course and I feel I have not revised enough for one of my exams (primarily because I prioritised other difficult coursework that had sooner deadlines).

Although I feel I might get a pass at least, having looked at some questions on past papers, I am worried that my lack of understanding will not produce a sufficient result.

There is a chance that I can resit the exam in the summer (if I did fail), but what if I couldn't or if I failed that too, but successfully passed all of my other modules, coursework and the final dissertation? Will I just end up with a PG Dip?

I know. I am panicking a bit, but I am just looking for some honest, experienced feedback and/or reassurance.


You need to ask this question of the person in charge of the Masters course.
You are getting ahead of yourself anyway. Why are you thinking about failing a resit for an exam you haven't sat for the first time yet? Focus on what is in front of you right now and leave worring about resits until that time (if it ever happens).

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Take the test.

It probably won't be as bad as you think and you will get an alright mark. You can't be amazing at everything and just accept that this module is not your best. So just focus on passing on this one before worrying about a resit.