What happens If I fail my 4th year


I'm about to start the 4th year of an integrated master's course. Where the first 3 years are the same as the Bachelor's degree. If I fail the 4th year do I still receive a bachelor's degree?
Probably a silly question but thought it might be a good idea to check as I don't remember ever anyone explicitly stating that you would.


I just think you need to check with the school. But if you've been awarded your undergrad you defo can't lose it, and that goes without checking!


Check with your uni but we had someone do exactly that. He failed 5th year.
He was awarded an Ordinary Degree which he could have got after 3 years and not an Honours Degree.
I spoke to an academic about that and he saw it as something which needed fixing.


TQ, it sounds like it's fully integrated so the OP is still an undergraduate until the Masters year ends. There is no undergraduate award to protect yet.

It's not a postgrad Masters.

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I did an integrated masters and if you failed 4th year you got a Bachelors at the grade you had at the end of 3rd year. Your student admin team will be happy to help as we asked them this question all the time.