Masters and requalificarion


Greetings everyone

I will soon be graduating from the University of Sheffield as a BA economics and politics students. During second year I have discovered my interest in AI and data science and I’ve wanted to apply for a more science(ish) master since then, preferably in one of those two areas. Does anyone know any good masters programme at a univerisity in US, UK, Germany, netherlands, Singapore, Denmark or China that is meant for graduates from a non-technological background to study technology-related subjects? I wanna add that I have some experience in data science in R and python + I have been actively working for a bionics society at my uni where we design prosthetic arms and legs but I am probably not proficient enough at those things to apply for a master degree in those areas.


There is no such a programme which is meant for graduates with non technical background. Just explore the programmes and apply with a good cover letter and I am sure you will be accepted at one of them.